Belize Day 60: Feeling good, feeling great. The Ambergris Caye remains calm while under a state of emergency. It's been 84 degrees everyday, we've got plenty of food, and the hostel has been extremely generous in helping their guests navigate these chaotic times. Even better days just over the horizon! #hostellife #hostel #stateofemergency #quarantine #belize #hostelworld #hostels #dormroom #dorms #travelcheap #pandemicpreparedness #belize #ambergriscaye #sanpedro #islandlife #lockdown2020 #stilltraveling #traveldiary #foodvlogger #foodvlog #travelvlogger #escapethecity #lifeisgood #stranded #expatlife #expatliving


I would stand on my head if that's what it takes to end this crazy time. But for now you can see me stand on my head for nothing as it is just a way to spend time in lockdown. NEW VID UP! ▪️ Van life in a quarantine is a whole new story. Not that much space, not much to do. ▪️ All great ideas how to spend your lockdown days less bored are SO WELCOME! * * * * * #vanlifequarantine #vanlifediaries #lockdown2020 #stuckinchile #overlandjournal #overlandingsouthamerica #chiletravel #instachile #discoverunder1k #discoverunder500 #travelblog #travelvlogger #travelvlogging #lockdownlife #vanlifecommunity #selfquarantine #dayinalife


Around 2 years ago we visited a beautiful island off the coast of Spain called Formentera. We had a lot of fun out there visiting some of the most stunning beaches with some of the clearest water we've seen in Europe. This was also around the time we started to vlog (properly!) Glad we chose to film it and stuck with travel vlogging too as we love looking back at our adventures as well as sharing our experiences with others. Link is in the bio


Cyprus 🇨🇾 has officially been added to my travel list😍 Have you ever visited 🇨🇾? 📸: @travel_buddiesuk Follow and tag @theofficialtravelexperience for more amazing content❤️


Happy Saturday! What are some cool things you did at home this week? What do you feel good about, big or little, about this week? Share with me!⁣ ⁣ ▶️ My newest Youtube video “Traveling INTERNATIONAL With ANXIETY [Fears We Have]”⁣ ⁣ - Something a little different but this topic has been on my mind! ⁣ Enough said. Go watch the FULL VIDEO in my instagram profile bio (link) to see what I will talk about!⁣ ⁣ I hesitated at different stages of creating this video. I worried a lot. I thought a lot about what people would think. I also learned a lot through this process. I hope my positive intentions show through via video medium to you all. Please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts… ⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #femalesolotravel #japanvlog #japanvlogger #asiangirltravels #Femalesolotraveler #asianblogger #mindsetblogger #asianvlogger #travelvlogs #travelvlogger #travelyoutuber⁣⁣⁣ #2020youtuber #travelanxiety #sologirltravel #japantraveler #japanblogger #soloJapan #ourfears #highermindset #stayhome ⁣ ⁣ ⁣


Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, I’ve literally just not had the energy! I feel like I’m so busy... even though I’m not doing much! I’m still working in my job but unfortunately I will be leaving there at the end of April 😓 I’m just trying to maintain my work as well as do all my other insta work too!! Also to keep myself extra busy, I’ve signed up for about 10 online course 😂 I actually really love learning so it’s quite nice to do a calm half an hour before bed of studying something business related! All going to help me with my final year next year! Anyways, let’s all remain positive and remember that staying inside is only temporary but the right thing to do at the moment ❤️


T R A V E L | D A Y S Happy Saturday everyone! Lately I’ve been cleaning up and reorganizing a few things...and I came across a vlog I roughly put together but never uploaded it onto YouTube. This was my very first time to attempt vlogging. Last night I decided to revisited it, and a few changes. Please enjoy my travel vlog as I make my way around Korea and Hong Kong. Hopefully this would motivate you to travel after COVID-19 is over. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Thank you so much ☺️ (Link in bio)


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